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Tarot from A to Z

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The meaning of each card includes: Upright, Reversed, Advice Position, Keywords, Key Dates, Timing, Astrology, past, present, and future

Tarot Card Meanings

The contemporary Tarot deck has adopted the 78-card standard that gained popularity in the 16th century in Northern Italy. The Major Arcana cards symbolize significant matters in the Querent’s life, representing fundamental principles such as spirituality, ethical dilemmas, interaction with others, and life and death. One could consider these cards as a spiritual roadmap for the Querent, helping them navigate through life and beyond. The Minor Arcana, on the other hand, tend to depict everyday and shallow situations and how the Querent handles them. However, during a reading, the line between the Major and Minor Arcana becomes blurred as the cards work together to present a seamless image of the Querent’s life and influences.

The Tarot card meanings presented below are based on my personal interpretations, which have developed over several decades of experience and research. There is no definitive or absolute interpretation of these cards, but these guidelines can aid you in discovering the answers you are looking for.

During a Tarot reading, a Minor Arcana card can reveal the current events of your daily life and their impact on you. These down-to-earth cards portray the connections, events, reflections, and sentiments that shape your existence. Unlike a Major Arcana card that signifies a major life message, a Minor Arcana card reflects the prominent situation that you’re currently experiencing. However, this situation is temporary and subject to change based on the choices you make.

Part1: Major Arcana

The Major Arcana, consisting of 22 cards, hold significant value in the Tarot deck as they uncover the core principles and pillars of the Querent’s life. These cards embody archetypes that are universally acknowledged and represent highly symbolic figures from a diverse range of mythologies and religions.

Unit 1- The Fool, Unit 2- The Magician, Unit 3- The High Priestess, Unit 4- The Empress, Unit 5- The Emperor, Unit 6- The Hierophant, Unit 7- The Lovers, Unit 8- The Chariot, Unit 9- Strength, Unit 10- The Hermit, Unit 11- Wheel of Fortune, Unit 12- Justice, Unit 13- Hanged Man Meaning, Unit 14- Death, Unit 15- Temperance, Unit 16- The Devil, Unit 17- The Tower, Unit 18- The Star, Unit 19- The Moon, Unit 20- The Sun, Unit 21- Judgement, Unit 22- The World


Part 2: Minor Arcana


The 56 Minor Arcana cards serve as the predecessors of modern-day playing cards and are categorized into four distinct suits. Wands are equivalent to clubs, cups correspond to hearts, swords are associated with spades, and coins represent diamonds. Each suit comprises ten pip cards, ranging from Ace to 10, and four court cards including Page, Knight, Queen, and King.


The Meanings Of The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

The 56 Minor Arcana cards, although considered “minor,” have the potential to significantly impact our lives by reflecting the challenges and obstacles we encounter on a daily basis. As opposed to the Major Arcana cards which represent major life events, the Minor Arcana cards are more focused on our day-to-day experiences and offer guidance on how to overcome them. These cards provide insight into how our current circumstances are affecting us and can help us make decisions that will help us achieve our goals. It’s important to note that the Minor Arcana cards represent temporary energies that can be changed through our actions and decisions.


The Minor Arcana Suits

The Minor Arcana is comprised of four distinct suits in Tarot: Cups, Swords, Wands, and Coins. 


Suite 1: The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups specifically relates to your emotions, intuition, creativity, and feelings. When this suit appears in a reading, it often indicates issues surrounding relationships and can offer insight into how you’re connecting with yourself and those around you on an emotional level.

Unite 1: Ace of Cups, Unite 2: Two of Cups, Unite 3: Three of Cups, Unite 4: Four of Cups, Unite 5: Five of Cups, Unite 6: Six of Cups, Unite 7: Seven of Cups, Unite 8: Eight of Cups, Unite 9: Nine of Cups, Unite 10: Ten of Cups, Unite 11: Page of Cups, Unite 12: Knight of Cups, Unite 13: Queen of Cups, Unite 14: King of Cups


Suit 2- The Suit of Swords

The Swords Suit in the Minor Arcana reflects your mental and intellectual state, including your thoughts, words, and actions. These Tarot cards often appear in readings that focus on communication, decision-making, and the assertion of personal power.

Unite 15: Ace of Swords, Unite 16: Two of Swords, Unite 17: Three of Swords, Unite 18: Four of Swords, Unite 19: Five of Swords, Unite 20: Six of Swords, Unite 21: Seven of Swords, Unite 22: Eight of Swords, Unite 23: Nine of Swords, Unite 24: Ten of Swords, Unite 25: Page of Swords, Unite 26: Knight of Swords, Unite 27: Queen of Swords, Unite 28: King of Swords


Suit 3- The Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands symbolizes your drive, enthusiasm, and fervor. In Tarot readings centered on spirituality, life goals, and innovative concepts, the Wands cards frequently make an appearance. Within this Suit, there are 10 numbered cards and 4 Court Cards (Page, Knight, Queen, and King).

Unite 29: of Wands, Unite 30: Two of Wands, Unite 31: Three of Wands, Unite 32: Four of Wands, Unite 33: Five of Wands, Unite 34: Six of Wands, Unite 35: Seven of Wands, Unite 36: Eight of Wands, Unite 37: Nine of Wands, Unite 38: Ten of Wands, Unite 39: Page of Wands, Unite 40: Knight of Wands, Unite 41: Queen of Wands, Unite 42: King of Wands


Suit 4- The Suit of Pentacles

The Minor Arcana contains four Tarot Suits, and one of these is the Suit of Pentacles. This suit symbolizes your financial matters, work, and material possessions. When the Pentacles cards show up in a Tarot reading, they usually relate to issues concerning your career, financial stability, and abundance.

Unite 43: Ace of Pentacles, Unite 44: Two of Pentacles, Unite 45: Three of Pentacles, Unite 46: Four of Pentacles, Unite 47: Five of Pentacles, Unite 48: Six of Pentacles, Unite 49: Seven of Pentacles, Unite 50: Eight of Pentacles, Unite 51: Nine of Pentacles, Unite 52: Ten of Pentacles, Unite 53: Page of Pentacles, Unite 54: Knight of Pentacles, Unite 55: Queen of Pentacles, Unite 56: King of Pentacles

Each of the Court Cards in Tarot signifies a unique set of personality traits that we have the option to embody at any moment.

Part 1 Major Arcana

Unit 1- The Fool
Unit 2- The Magician
Unit 3- The High Priestess
Unit 4- The Empress
Unit 5- The Emperor
Unit 6- The Hierophant
Unit 7- The Lovers
Unit 8- The Chariot
Unit 9- Strength
Unit 10- The Hermit
Unit 11- Wheel of Fortune
Unit 12- Justice
Unit 13- Hanged Man Meaning
Unit 14- Death
Unit 15- Temperance
Unit 16- The Devil
Unit 17- The Tower
Unit 18- The Star
Unit 19- The Moon
Unit 20- The Sun
Unit 21- Judgement
Unit 22- The World

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